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There are many factors that go into healing from painful past experiences. It affects every layer of who we are—the physical, emotional, mental and the spiritual. One cannot be impacted without directly affecting the others. Healing can only occur by going beyond treating the symptoms, and getting to the source of the aliment. Research shows that shifting out of the fight or flight state, physical and mental stress, and painful emotions, it creates a new neurological structure and produces a change in brain chemistry.

Each modality or approach is based in the latest neuroscience research and this philosophy to effectively integrate trauma and quickly bring calm and ease into the mind and body. This then allows the veteran to feel open to connecting with others and building relationships with loved ones, and even begin to have fun, feel joy and have purpose again. 


The power that created and sustains the body has the power to heal the body. We guide veterans to accessing that power so true healing from within can occur. When veterans take part with us, it’s our intention that veterans begin to know and believe that they don’t need anything outside themselves to heal and create the life that they want. They will begin to see that they already have that power within them to heal and excel in life. This is lasting healing so heroes can move to being superheroes. 


We also believe that having a community and connection to a tribe is key to healing and wholeness. As part of our mission we are building a tribe of veterans who are focused on and support one another in a path of holistic health and wellness.


To transform veterans to health and wellness. To provide innovative, holistic treatments for mental health to veterans and their family members; alleviating PTSD, anxiety and other mental health related issues.


To be the leader in holistic healing and overall wellness for military service members in the US.



Our Greatest Glory Is Not In Never Falling,
but In Rising Every Time We Fall

Operation Warriore Resolution Sarasota Florida 3 veterans health and wellness

Operation Warrior Resolution (OWR) emerged in January 2018 in response to the reported 22 military veterans, at the time, tragically committing suicide each day. Kendra Simpkins, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a U.S. Army veteran, knows first-hand how post-traumatic stress and other military related challenges effect service member’s lives as they transition into civilian life. To receive care through the Veterans Affairs (VA), veterans face long wait times and antiquated treatment methods. The Journal of the American Medical Association stated that we need a new and innovative approach to combat PTSD among veterans, so in her pursuit to provide the most innovative, effective, and highest quality of mental health treatment for veterans, Kendra established OWR.

Current research supports the effectiveness of neuroscience based, mind and body treatments for trauma. Our main service is providing brain-based healing. Unlike the standard approach to treating trauma, ours does not involve exposure-based therapies that require service members to relive past traumas. Instead, our approach is rooted in neuroscience and uses the brain natural ability of neuroplasticity to resolve the emotional effects of trauma quickly and gently. This service is provided by a highly trained practitioner at any time and immediately, if needed, to reduce the risk of suicide. We’ve also added brain based healing specialists to provide services to the veteran’s spouse and children. We saw a need to provide healing to not just the veteran, but to the whole family. All therapy is at no cost to them.

Our other programs include, Tactical Healing, which is a 5-day in-person retreat of providing brain-based healing to resolve trauma, chiropractic and medical massage to alleviate chronic pain in the body, equine therapy, yoga, nutrition and other alternative therapies resolving what takes weekly traditional therapy 12 months to resolve. We also have the only veteran and family members yoga studio, where we hold weekly classes for our Combat Conscious Yoga program, meditation, Couple’s Retreats, and other veterans related group activities.

The year of 2018 was spent fundraising and OWR began to provide services in January 2019. By April 2023, we will have held a total of 15 retreats and over 800 veterans and family members served. A large focus of our organization is building a community or what we call a “tribe.” One of the key factors to improving mental health is having solid social support with others. We strive to create those close bonds among the veterans while they are in our programs and continue the camaraderie long after. Many veterans who have taken part in our programs, specifically the Tactical Healing program, have such a transformational experience that they feel a desire to become an OWR mentor continuing to serve fellow veterans. Several veterans had such a life-changing experience from their brain based healing session that they went on to become trained practitioners. They are our veteran coaches who provide ongoing support after the retreats, coordinate wellness activities for OWR veterans, and even become yoga instructors to teach other veterans the power of yoga.

Our research shows that 89% of those who take part in our programs are no longer experiencing symptoms of trauma and that their of life has significantly improved. Through our brain map research, we are seeing that the brain is no longer responding to trauma after 1-2 sessions. The University of South Florida is currently conducting a pilot study, and the preliminary data supports a significant improvement in the veteran’s mental health symptoms and results in a positive outlook.

Operation Warrior Resolution is transforming veterans to health and wholeness.

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